Tying the Riccardo Francelli Tie

The Riccardo Francelli commitment to excellence ensures that each tie is worn with as much pleasure and satisfaction as that invested in its creation.

The shape, weight and drape of all Riccardo Francelli ties make them a delight to wear.  It is their “Hand”, the appreciation experienced from their touch and the integrity of their knot, which inspires even the most ardent connoisseur.

The Windsor 

The Windsor is a thick, wide, triangular knot that projects an air of confidence for the wearer.  The knot size is adjustable depending on how tight each step is applied.

The Half or Single Windsor

An extremely versatile, symmetrical knot about three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot.  A good knot for the shorter tie, it is less formal and works well with most collar shapes.

The Four in Hand

An easy and versatile knot and one of the simplest knots to tie.  It sits well with most collar shapes and is distinctive for its asymmetrical V shape.


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