Caring for Riccardo Francelli Ties

There is often no need to dry clean as ties are worn over the shirt and not in direct contact with the skin. Normal wear and tear is the enemy and all that is needed is a little time and effort to care for ties.

A few key steps can keep ties looking like new

1.Reverse the direction used to form the knot this ensures the tie maintains its shape.  Loosen the tie a little first, and then slip the large end through the knot. 

2. Hanging the tie after it has been worn allows gravity to return the tie back to its original shape.  Rolling ties is acceptable, but it doesn’t allow the silk to return to its normal shape.

3. If there are any creases, hang the tie for a while so that it can regain its natural drape. For quicker results, steaming will relax the fabric, making it hang straight again.  However, never use an iron directly onto the silk.

4. Remove any marks as soon as possible.  However, dabbing with water may leave a mark.  Steam evenly afterwards, to avoid such marks.  If marks are more persistent, seek out a reputable dry cleaning service. 


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